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03/19/2018       Dr.Vivian Chen, Former VP of Eli Lilly China joined Ascletis as VP, Corporate Affairs

01/11/2018       South China Morning Post: Chinese biotech company Ascletis seeks third round of funding

01/10/2018       Asceltis presented at 2018 J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference

01/05/2018       The Wall Street Journal: Populations of data propel China to the forefront of biotech

12/28/2017       Ascletis was accredited as a National High-Tech Enterprise

09/19/2017       Ascletis won the first prize in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

08/20/2017       Zhejiang initiated Eliminate Hepatitis C Program

08/18/2017       Ascletis in-licenses Medivir HCV drug candidate

08/08/2017       Ascletis won the first prize in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition- ZJ division(Healthcare)

07/09/2017       Zhejiang CPPCC chairwoman MS. Qiao Chuanxiu visited Ascletis

05/26/2017       Party Secretary of ShaoXing Mr. Peng Jiaxue visited Ascletis

05/21/2017       Dr.Jinzi Wu spoke at the 9th DIA China annual meeting

03/06/2017       Danoprevir NDA designated for priority review by  CFDA

02/22/2017       Commissioner Zhiquan Zhu of CFDA Zhejiang bureau visited Ascletis

02/19/2017       Ascletis presented at the 26th APASL annual meeting and held “China-develped DAAs” symposium

01/03/2017       Ascletis raises US$100 million in series B financing

12/27/2016       Ascletis’ NDA for HCV treatment Danoprevir accepted by CFDA

12/11/2016       The program of eliminating HCV in Zhejiang officially launched

12/06/2016       Mayor of Shaoxing Mr. Weiguang Ma paid a visit to Ascletis

11/20/2016       Ascletis participated in 8 th National Conference of Chronic Viral Hepatitis

09/24/2016       Ascletis held panel discussion on HCV at 8th National Conference of Infectious Disease Physician

09/19/2016       Mayor of Shaoxing Mr. Zhihong  Yu visited Ascletis

07/29/2016       Xinhua News: Domestic innovative DAAs, a cure for HCV

07/25/2016       Ascletis held satellite symposium at the 14 th annual meeting of Society of infectious Disease

06/21/2016       Ascletis published interim data of phase II study in Taiwan for its interferon-free HCV regimen

05/08/2016       Ascletis held satellite meeting at the 10 th National Clinical Symposium of Liver Disease

04/19/2016       Ascletis was rewarded as “Outstanding Enterprises” by Shaoxing Municipal Government

04/18/2016       Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Ascletis  

02/19/2016       Dr. Jinzi Wu was invited to attend 16 th annual conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum



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